If I was to err I would err against policing suicide

In this area of life and death there should be no tyranny which causes suicidal individuals to face more powerlessness. Individuals should remain free of force, coercion and manipulation.

I feel this way because I’ve been through it. Powerlessness is frequently felt in suicidal minds. The current system only adds to the powerlessness and it makes things worse.

No suicide system should make things worse for suicidal people. To make things worse is hallmark of evil. It isn’t the perfect answer but in the absence of a perfect answer I believe it is the best there is.

At the moment there’s a rubbish suicide system and it’s rubbish most of all because it’s based in psychiatry based mental health. It is a system which doesn’t care if it makes things worse for the suicidal. It is not based in empathy. It is based in tyranny and it always seeks to police suicide to prevent suicidal people from successfully killing themselves. It denies that suicide is rational and riminalises the people who would assist a suicidal person to die.

I believe one day in hell is a day too many. This informs my views on suicide, suicide prevention, suicide treatment, assisted suicide and human rights. Especially human rights. A free man can choose to endure their suffering or choose to end it. If they choose to die then it is good because it means one less person is living through another day of hell.


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