If the pain was going to stop it would already have stopped

This title is a statement of hopelessness which a lot of suicidal people will feel.

Not every suicide is about escaping a present pain. Obviously some people kill themselves to avoid a future pain as well as present pain. The title evokes the hopelessness of a pain which won’t stop and the powerlessness of the victim to make it stop.

People who feel like this and want to die are making a natural, rational choice. It’s from the same sort of instinct which pulls hands out of a fire. To stay in the fire is too painful but whereas the physical instinct to draw away from intense pain is easily achieved it’s not so easy when it’s intense psychological pain.

There’s a dearth of merciful escapes from intense psychological pain but thankfully there’s suicide which is – or should be – available and effective. The words “should be” are there because the mercilesness pervades the act of suicide too.

What is a blessed last resort for every conscious life is corrupted by people, professionals and organisations which try to force suicidal people to keep living by making good suicide methods difficult or impossible to use. They also keep up the criminalisation of assisted suicide as another heartless, merciless method to achieve their objective of sustaining all life no matter the individuals decision to live or die. It is a belief which warps sanctity of life and corrupts it to keep people living hopeless shitty lives in suffering.

Of course the mental health system offers treatment but some suicidal people don’t engage with it. They don’t engage because the system can’t offer anything useful. Drugs and words aren’t what some people need. They need a way to stop the pain. They need power not prescriptions or empty words.

People also don’t engage with mental health treatment because they don’t want to be dissuaded from killing themselves. The mental health system is not made for suicidal people. If anything it tries to restrict them by imprisoning them in psychiatric hospitals as well as forcing them to live by blocking access to good suicide methods. It is so absurd that even therapists are people who should not be trusted if you’re suicidal because they can give the information to other mental health professionals who have the power to imprison you.

If you want to die then I recommend you avoid everything the mental health system has to offer because it’s not on your side. It doesn’t even prioritise quick access to therapists for those who want one nor does it focus on quick acting and effective treatment. The science isn’t focused enough to get the right treatment straight away for most people. The selection of drug options is ridiculously small. It’s a shambles if you want treatment and outright evil if you simply want to die.

The Samaritans are your best bet perhaps because they purport to be confidential but a lot of suicidal people aren’t looking for someone to talk to. They want their suffering to stop and words aren’t effective. They’re the premier suicide organisation in Britain but they’re not on the side of the suicidal because they don’t support the legalisation of assisted suicide. Their inaction makes them part of the evil in the suicide system which is based on tyranny rather than liberty or empathy. All they offer are words and there are some suicidal people who want what they offer.

Those who are certain they want to die and therefore have no interest in treatment which is designed to dissuade them from killing themselves. It’s a difficult decision which only needs fulfillment not more crappy words from crappy people. The anti suicide tyrants make things worse by their efforts to continue the criminalisation of assisted suicide. They deny the right to a good death and to have full free choice in death so the suicide system is to be avoided if you are certain you want to die. The system relegates suicidal people to the worst deaths. Alone, painful, unreliable deaths. (Oh God. Just thinking about it makes me want to die to be far away from the evil. It forces more hopelessness on the hopeless.)

One day you might find yourself facing a life pain which is too awful to endure. The last thing you will want is more mercilesness and cruelty. One day you might feel the hopelessness which is touched upon in the title of this post. The last thing you’ll want is more hopelessness and cruelty but the suicide system doesn’t give a shit about how you feel or how profoundly awful you feel.

The suicide system is devoid of empathy. This includes the worthless pity offered by therapists and other mental health professionals. They just offer worthless platitudes which aren’t based in empathy. If you want to live they’re on your side but if you want to die they’re no better than an enemy. An enemy of the freedom to choose in life and in death.

If empathy was the basis of the suicide system and the pervading attitude on suicide which is held by the public, politicians and mental health professionals then the system would be entirely different as would the cruelty.

It is fundamentally flawed because of this and the pervasive cruelty. The anti suicide movement would rather have you suffer more because that’s their idea of morality. Like slave owners and rapists they don’t care about your freedom to choose. They’re tyrants who force their will upon you and your suffering doesn’t matter to them. They’d imprison suicidal people to keep them alive and that isn’t the limit of their evil.

One day you’ll meet a pain you can’t face. You’d want to stop it and you’d be willing to do anything to escape including ending your own existence. The last thing you’ll want is for things to get worse. The thing you want might be suicide treatment but the system is woefully inadequate. You might also just want to die but the system and its creators are woefully evil.

It’s all the more woe for you once you hit that point where you know you can’t do anything to stop the torture which has destroyed your will to live. The sense of powerlessness is truly awful to feel but the suicide system and mental health system are geared to make this worse if you’re certain that you want to die.

The worst thing to do is make a suicidal person feel worse yet this is what happens far too often. The hell makers have had a lot of successes. They make sure there’s more sadness for those who’ve already lived through too much sadness. They do not fight for a limit to suffering nor the fast, effective solutions to extreme suffering nor the personal freedom to end extreme suffering with a good death. My suffering has no cost to them and neither has yours.


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