I imagine a future when no one begs for death

This might seem like the least important thing but it is invaluable. It is a future when humanity matures to become humane. It is when liberty reaches its apex and mercy is king.

I wish I was there now. I live in a terrible time. I do not want to live in it.

It is a time when the right to choose one’s death doesn’t exist and neither do the necessary protections to prevent the suffering which causes most suicides. The law is at its worst and demonstrates the heartlesssness of the law makers when it comes to suicide.

The right to choose when and how one dies is an essential right of conscious existence. It is the ultimate limit to personal pain be it the pain near the end of life or any other state of pain.

Yet in this time there’s a merciless heartlesssness which pervades through culture, law and politics. The criminalisation of assisted suicide is a sign of a much wider evil.

There’s a saying which says “beggars can’t be choosers” and so many suicidal people are beggars because they can’t choose a good death. The prevailing wisdom would see suicidal people be forced into using the worst suicide methods in an attempt to keep them alive.

Suicide prevention represents an ugly form of duress which would use any means to force suicidal people to stay alive and this includes imprisoning them in psychiatric wards. Psychiatric wards are no place for suicidal people and imprisonment has no place in the suicide system.

Suicide is a beggar’s choice but it is a uniquely effective solution for a suffering individual to get what they want (the end of suffering). When nothing else can end the pain there is the blessed option of suicide to prevent anymore suffering. Suicide is a decision to end the pain at any cost. This should be obvious but instead of meeting the need the prevailing wisdom disregards the individual’s suffering and would even add to it.

A cruelty of monsters rules and reigns in this time. The monsters are inhumane. The attitude to suicide is a sign of these monsters whose tyranny prevails.

I live in a time when humanity is a monstrosity.  Perhaps you could empathise with a slave from centuries ago but you can not empathise with me. A slave I am to the people who would rather keep me alive to suffer than make possible my free choice.

I do not want to suffer but the monsters want me to suffer. I want to die but the monsters have no mercy. I live amongst torturers who deal in despair and know no mercy. Suicide is the mercy from monsters who cannot be fought against.

The monsters will never stop. They can’t because if they could show mercy then they’d be less monsters. The monsters create hell because they’re monsters and that’s all they can do.

Suicide is the last form of power for the powerless. It is the final recourse from all monstrosity in any given time. That is, of course, except from the monsters who prevent suicide and criminalise the angels of mercy who would perform assisted suicide.

Oh god. Kill me.


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