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Drugs can make you happy if you’re looking for happiness

The problem is your doctor can’t give you the right ones. Of the drugs I’ve tried none has kept up the same sense of happiness for more than a few weeks after I started taking them.

Also the high from prescribed drugs is nowhere near as good as the best illegal drugs I’ve tried. There’s also a much larger diversity of effects which are available from illegal drugs compared to prescribed ones.

This means doctors are hamstrung when attempting to personalise the high they prescribe which means they often fail to help suicidal people to feel happy and escape their suffering. In fact doctors are just like bad drug dealers who don’t bother to try what they offer their clients.

Doctors know what they know about the addictions they prescribe from an aggregated score from a research paper or review. Alternatively they simply stick to clinical guidance. These don’t help get the high right for you.

I believe drugs are great ways to alleviate suicide pain but the system can’t offer you the right drug on first trial. I believe getting it right on the first go is an essential objective of all suicide treatment but it’s not an objective of the current system which offers solutions which are mediocre at best and detrimental at worst. Many suicidal people find their doctors resort to trial and error or, much worse, therapeutic nihilism.


Imagine there was something terrible in your life and there’s nothing you can do about it

There are things in life which are worse than death. You’ll know what they are for you when and if they happen to you. These are things which you can’t live with. They’re the things you’d die to escape in the present or die to avoid in the future.

These are totally different for different people and they drive the choice to die rather than endure what’s terrible and unchangeable. It can be longstanding unhappiness or a drastic change. It can be just one thing or many. It can be common or unique.

A big area is getting old. People are living much longer and are healthy for much longer but eventually the human organism begins to wear out. Some people can endure it but others can’t stand it and would rather die than go through the traumas near the end of life. There’s pain. There’s progressive loss of ability and function. There’s enforced dependence on others and loss of dignity. These elements are also common for people who become disabled in other ways than nearing the end of life.

I believe everyone’s will to live and endure what life throws at them has a limit. Some people may live without ever reaching their breaking point. They are blessed. There are however people who find on day that they’re facing something which is beyond acceptable living. At this moment they see living as a curse which they would do anything to escape from. Some have options but for some there’s just suicide which will let them escape the curse.

It is cruel to force someone to live who wants to die to escape living and the awfulness it entails. If they want to live then that’s their choice but it’s as difficult a choice as suicide. I’d assume a basic sense of humanity would would empower either choice but there is no humanity in the current suicide system.

The modern suicide system is cruel but in my experience so is humanity. I want to leave you behind and suicide is the only solution.

The suicide system and humanity have no sense of mercy. This is terrible and this unacceptable.

All pain stops upon death

This is why suicide is great.

I don’t believe the suicidal are punished after they kill themselves. I believe suicide is God’s gift. All suffering can end because of suicide.

One day you might find yourself wanting the end of all pain. Then you will be a victim of the cruelty which would force you to keep living and suffering.

It is the final mercy for a life devoid of mercy.