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If I die my suffering ends. I want to die because I want my suffering to end.

This is the quintessential thinking behind most suicides. The pain I can not tolerate will end when I die. The pain I am powerless to end will end if I die. I would trade the rest of my life to stop my suffering now because what I’m suffering is too severe to live through.

The people who are against suicide either don’t recognise how severe the suffering is which drives suicidal feelings or just don’t care.

This difference neatly describes the difference between the suicide prevention movement and what I call suicide protection. Suicide protection means the prevention of suicidal thoughts from happening. It means the protection of the individual’s will to live.

It is an aspiration rather than a reality. It is part of a dream of a better future. It is a humane objective whereas suicide prevention is inhumane.

Suicide prevention covers a wide spectrum of methods and practices from offering treatment to imprisoning suicidal individuals in psychiatric hospitals. The anti suicide movement dominates today while suicide protection doesn’t exist.

I think it’s fascinating to recognise the difference between these two ways of thinking. The suicide prevention movement has been dominant for several centuries but the people who espouse this inhumane blanket ban on all suicides have never worked on suicide protection as a means to achieve their goals.

It is logical to see the prevention of extreme personal suffering – especially misery – would reduce the suicide rate. Yet this has never been attempted by the authors of the modern suicide system so modern life is all the harsher.

I perceive the suicide prevention movement as an ugly beast which is devoid of any empathy or the compassion which comes from empathy. It is blind to the suffering which suicidal individuals face. It couldn’t see the causes entrenched in a harsh society and culture so it never attempted to strive for the humane objective. Thus the harshness remained unchecked and unchallenged so things got harsher and more people found themselves desperate enough to end their suffering to choose suicide.

Suicide protection is a critical and essential. It is the only humane objective of suicide prevention because it focuses on lessening suffering whereas the modern suicide system doesn’t care about lessening suffering or causing suffering to be worsened.

Suicide prevention is based on the length of life being the most important thing. It doesn’t think about quality of life or protecting an individual’s will to live. I’m sure that every suicidal individual wishes that they’d be protected better. Every suicidal individual doesn’t want to be suicidal and while this isn’t always possible it’s still vital to try to achieve what suicidal individuals want.

The suicide prevention movement doesn’t care about what suicidal individuals need or want. Neither does it care about their suffering. It is an inhumane tyranny which does more harm than good. It must surely end.

But…the inhumane tyranny succeeds. It is merciless in achieving its objective. It is heartless and cruel. It is so ugly that it can’t imagine suicide protection and it prevents the legalisation of assisted suicide too because it doesn’t care about personal suffering nor the rationality of the suicide response to extreme personal suffering.

The humane approach embodied by the attempt at suicide protection is also embodied by the sense of mercy which assisted suicide realises.

A life can so easily be ruined but so can suicide, an act which is a natural response to the pervasive harshness in modern life. The suicide prevention movement doesn’t care what it ruins nor the suffering it worsens by preventing suicidal individuals from successfully killing themselves. It has worsened the causes of suicide by never ever attempting suicide protection.

Suicide is all about extreme suffering. The suicide prevention movement doesn’t care. One day their crime will be recognised.

I hope I’m dead by then. I wish I was dead now but the tyranny would rather I suffer.


The modern suicide system is built on a faulty foundation because it doesn’t understand or care about how severe the suffering is

It’s primary objective is to stop suicidal individuals from killing themselves and it would worsen their suffering to achieve its objective.

The common practice of imprisoning suicidal individuals in psychiatric hospitals is a key example of the inhumane approach which permeates throughout the modern suicide system. The ‘care’ of psychiatrists uses what’s used to punish criminals. Liberty isn’t taken because of crime though. It’s taken to force suicidal individuals to stay alive and accept treatment beca.use the purported sense of care is merciless in trying to achieve its primary objective.

It’s no wonder that so many suicidal individuals eschew engagement with the suicide system. The practices used by the suicide system are inhumane. Psychiatric wards are horrible environments which add to the distress and loss of liberty is punishment. These are totally the opposite of what suicidal individuals want and need.

The use of imprisonment is just one of the merciless and inhumane practices used by the modern suicide system to enforce a blanket ban on all suicides. It believes all suicide is irrational and unnatural which is a dogma formed from the suicide system’s basis in biomedical psychiatry.

It is a false belief. Suicide is a rational response. It is the last resort of any competent conscious being who wants to avoid and escape from a suffering which is too much for them to endure. It’s why so many disabled people want to die because their lives are often very awful and there’s no solution for them to become happy. It’s always profound suffering which drives a conscious being to want to end their existence so they’re protected from the pain they can’t endure. I don’t know the statistics on prisoner suicide but I assume many of them also want to die because their imprisonment causes them more suffering than they can live through.

Of course some severe forms of suffering can diminish and end given time. Equally though some forms of suffering are intractable or get worse. The treatments offered by mental health professionals can also help some people but not others. Unfortunately many suicidal individuals stay away from accessing treatment because of the risk of confinement but also because there’s no point in engaging with a suicide system which won’t offer them what they want which is a good death.

It is inhumane to imprison suicidal individuals and worsen their suffering. The suicide system doesn’t stop their though in its relentless persecution of suicidal individuals and their free choice to die. It also puts a lot of effort into making good suicide methods difficult to access. It doesn’t care about how severe the suffering is at all because all it cares about is keeping suicidal individuals from killing themselves no matter how merciless, inhumane and tyrannical the methods used are.

Obviously it is totally against assisted suicide too. Again, this is merciless, inhumane and tyrannical. The continued criminalisation of assisted suicide is as inhumane as confinement because it refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of the suicide and it cares nothing about personal liberty.

The idea that those people who would help someone to die are criminals is blatantly absurd. Obviously a regulated assisted suicide system is an essential element of a humane suicide system. Regulation provides important protections while still offering the mercy which a good death provides. Suicide shouldn’t be an impulsive decision but this can be compensated for with a regulated assisted suicide system.

I’m afraid I’m not as purely libertarian as others in the assisted suicide movement. I don’t believe in the pure right to choose one’s death. I think people should all have an education in suicide so when they find themselves choosing to die they’ll be empowered to make a better decision. I also believe a waiting period is necessary to prevent people who are experiencing suicidal feelings for the first time from making a regrettable decision but this should be a short period.

Most of all I believe in a new suicide system which recognises the severity of the personal suffering of suicidal individuals. This is quite different from the modern suicide system which does not recognise the severity of the suffering nor the importance of preventing and ending the suffering. I don’t believe in imprisoning suicidal individuals nor forcing them to accept treatment though my vision of a better suicide system would mean that all suicidal individuals would engage with the suicide system because it would meet their needs and they’d never fear that the system would overrule their decision to die.

I favour an approach which respects the individual to make the right decision for themselves given certain protections. I believe the provision of assisted suicide is a merciful act. I think there must be this mercy available because suicide ends severe personal suffering.

It is a harsh world and too many people find out just how inhumane humanity can be. The modern suicide system is part of this inhumane response to severe personal suffering. The inconvenient truth is that death can be better than living. But this truth is why people choose to die and it’s a natural response because when the suffering is too awful and you’re powerless to stop it then suicide is the rational decision.

To force someone to stay alive is merciless and inhumane. The priority of a humane and merciful suicide system is the prevention and the end of extreme personal suffering, and if suicide is the chosen end of extreme personal suffering then assisted suicide is the merciful and humane option.

A better suicide system trusts individuals and empowers them to make good decisions. It doesn’t force them to endure what they can’t endure because it is a humane system built upon humane foundations. It would never allow living life to become a punishment because it would move heaven and earth to reduce or end the individual’s suffering.

Suicide ends pain

This is both obvious and unrecognised. It’s why suicide is a legitimate choice and a good one at that. In the case of the suicides of terminally ill people it also prevents suffering.

To understand the reason why it’s chosen is the beginning of accepting the choice. At the moment it is a choice which is suppressed and oppressed because of the fixation on the loss of life. Suicidal individuals don’t care about losing their life because it’s worth it to end the pain they experience and can’t endure.

The modern suicide system aims to prolong life no matter how bad the pain is. It’s one of the problems of the medicalisation of suicide. The other is the inappropriate and unscientific biomedical model of mental health which is commonly used to enforce cultural norms. The psychiatric response is a pseudo benevolent tyranny which denies all the legitimacy of suicide.

It is fundamentally dehumanising because it uses the brain disease theory to compel and coerce. People who have a supposed brain disease aren’t competent to make such a big life decision as suicide is. The medical profession is amazing for people who want to live but it is awful for those who are diagnosed with a mental illness who want die because it overrules their choice to die..

Thus the medical profession’s response to suicide worsens the suffering of suicidal individuals. It’s not the only way the medicalised suicide system worsens and prolongs the terrible suffering faced by suicidal individuals.

The crux of it is the pain which suicidal individuals choose to escape rather than live through. The modern suicide system doesn’t care about how severe the pain is which drives suicidal feelings. It doesn’t care about how awful modern life can get. It definitely doesn’t care about personal freedom either nor does it display any empathy in the things it does to suicidal individuals. It so easily worsens and prolongs the terrible suffering which makes life worth giving up. It’s ironic given the “do no harm” ethic in the Hippocratic Oath but that was bastardised long ago.

Perhaps what’s most ironic is the privilege doctors have when it comes to fulfilling their suicidal feelings. They can choose quick, painless and reliable options. They are totally free to choose when and how they die.

This leads to a high rate of successful doctor suicides of course. But if there was a measure of pain then it would show that doctors suffer less. Of course this means that far fewer doctors act as proponents in the medical debate about assisted suicide because those who choose suicide don’t live to fight for the privilege to become a right. Doctors who choose to die will die and they’re blessed because they don’t have to fight for suicide to be respected as a legitimate choice and they can access the best suicide methods which they can self administer so they don’t require an assisted suicide.

I want what doctors have. I want their privilege to be a suicide right, or better. When they face a pain they can’t endure then they can always end it. Suicide is the last resort of competent mind who wants to escape terrible personal suffering.

Obviously I don’t want suicidal doctors to be forced to stay alive just so they can fight for suicide rights. They’ve made a choice to die which I respect because I trust them. I trust that their suffering is extreme by the fact that they choose to die.

Unfortunately this is much more respect and trust than any doctor has offered me. The doctors who control my life would deny the legitimacy of my suicidal existence. I’m their patient and I’m made powerless. They take away my liberty because they don’t give a flying fuck about what I’m going through and so desperately trying to escape from.

Dare I say it? Those who control my life don’t care about my suffering. I want to die but they won’t let me. They’d rather see me suffer than end my suffering.

This might seem harsh but I am harsh. I consider those who fight against the legalisation of assisted suicide as people who want their victims to suffer more. I see the modern suicide system like a rape system where victims who go for help can be raped by those they seek help from. I see the denial of my suicide as an act of evil because if I’d died a long time ago I’d have been spared so much torture.

I hate those who would rather worsen my suffering than end it. I have suffered too much and I suffered more because the people who control my life wouldn’t let me die or help me die either. I’m denied a final end to my torment which I so desperately need and would gladly give up my future just for it to end my suffering now.

I want to die so I can end my suffering and prevent further torment. I want to die because I don’t want to suffer anymore.

Don’t make me suffer more

. I want to be so far away from the monsters that they can never harm me again. Kill me.

You would if you understood the pain… Or you do understand but you just don’t care.

A better suicide system has to prioritise the brevity of the state of suicidality and appreciate the severity of suicidal pain such that it aims to never worsen the suffering

Let me be clear. The current suicide system is like a rape system where the rape victim can get raped by the person they go to help for. The professionals who suicidal individuals go to can worsen the victim’s suffering by, for example, getting them confined to a psychiatric ward.

The main way the current suicide system worsens the suffering of suicidal individuals is by denying them the right to choose to die and using force to stop suicidal individuals succeeding when they try to kill themselves on their own. The modern suicide system doesn’t care about the brevity of the profound suffering endured by those it purports to protect. Neither does it care about preventing suicidal feelings from ever happening. Least of all in my life?

I’ve written about a divide in the fundamentals of a new and better suicide system compared to the current one. The divide I see is between the primary objective to prevent and stop all suicidal feelings and the one which aims to prevent the act of all costs. The former recognises the value of limiting and ending suffering. The latter is just interested in keeping people alive without any respect for extremity of the personal suffering which causes individuals to choose suicide.

The divide is the difference between wanting someone to be safe from extreme suffering versus the desire for people to live longer lives. Obviously happy people want long lives and would be unhappy if their life was cut short prematurely. Suicidal individuals would give up the rest of their lives to end the suffering which is happening to them now but they can’t endure.

It’s a divide which affects other areas of the suicide system than just assisted suicide. But it is the logical conclusion which is necessary because of the paramount importance of the humane objective. Assisted suicide is humane whereas the endless attempts to keep a shitty existence going are inhumane and tyrannical.

Essentially, you might not want me to die but you should care more about ending my suffering. If I live it might suit you but if you care about me then you’ll respect my decision to die. I hope you care enough to help me die.