If I die my suffering ends. I want to die because I want my suffering to end.

This is the quintessential thinking behind most suicides. The pain I can not tolerate will end when I die. The pain I am powerless to end will end if I die. I would trade the rest of my life to stop my suffering now because what I’m suffering is too severe to live through.

The people who are against suicide either don’t recognise how severe the suffering is which drives suicidal feelings or just don’t care.

This difference neatly describes the difference between the suicide prevention movement and what I call suicide protection. Suicide protection means the prevention of suicidal thoughts from happening. It means the protection of the individual’s will to live.

It is an aspiration rather than a reality. It is part of a dream of a better future. It is a humane objective whereas suicide prevention is inhumane.

Suicide prevention covers a wide spectrum of methods and practices from offering treatment to imprisoning suicidal individuals in psychiatric hospitals. The anti suicide movement dominates today while suicide protection doesn’t exist.

I think it’s fascinating to recognise the difference between these two ways of thinking. The suicide prevention movement has been dominant for several centuries but the people who espouse this inhumane blanket ban on all suicides have never worked on suicide protection as a means to achieve their goals.

It is logical to see the prevention of extreme personal suffering – especially misery – would reduce the suicide rate. Yet this has never been attempted by the authors of the modern suicide system so modern life is all the harsher.

I perceive the suicide prevention movement as an ugly beast which is devoid of any empathy or the compassion which comes from empathy. It is blind to the suffering which suicidal individuals face. It couldn’t see the causes entrenched in a harsh society and culture so it never attempted to strive for the humane objective. Thus the harshness remained unchecked and unchallenged so things got harsher and more people found themselves desperate enough to end their suffering to choose suicide.

Suicide protection is a critical and essential. It is the only humane objective of suicide prevention because it focuses on lessening suffering whereas the modern suicide system doesn’t care about lessening suffering or causing suffering to be worsened.

Suicide prevention is based on the length of life being the most important thing. It doesn’t think about quality of life or protecting an individual’s will to live. I’m sure that every suicidal individual wishes that they’d be protected better. Every suicidal individual doesn’t want to be suicidal and while this isn’t always possible it’s still vital to try to achieve what suicidal individuals want.

The suicide prevention movement doesn’t care about what suicidal individuals need or want. Neither does it care about their suffering. It is an inhumane tyranny which does more harm than good. It must surely end.

But…the inhumane tyranny succeeds. It is merciless in achieving its objective. It is heartless and cruel. It is so ugly that it can’t imagine suicide protection and it prevents the legalisation of assisted suicide too because it doesn’t care about personal suffering nor the rationality of the suicide response to extreme personal suffering.

The humane approach embodied by the attempt at suicide protection is also embodied by the sense of mercy which assisted suicide realises.

A life can so easily be ruined but so can suicide, an act which is a natural response to the pervasive harshness in modern life. The suicide prevention movement doesn’t care what it ruins nor the suffering it worsens by preventing suicidal individuals from successfully killing themselves. It has worsened the causes of suicide by never ever attempting suicide protection.

Suicide is all about extreme suffering. The suicide prevention movement doesn’t care. One day their crime will be recognised.

I hope I’m dead by then. I wish I was dead now but the tyranny would rather I suffer.


1 thought on “If I die my suffering ends. I want to die because I want my suffering to end.

  1. i was trying to comment on a different post. anyway my life is this way too. i feel i am a coward for staying alive despite how profoundly messed up things have become. i have survived severe suffering against all odds yet every day people see my crippled body and treat me like a failure and force me to do things that make my health much worse.i injured myself near fatal 2 years ago, and since then it’s like the world has gone mad, or rather i can see now that it always has been, people make my life hell forcing on me ridiculous solutions that don’t work yet they also imply suicide is shameful, so they basically wish hell on me but won’t admit it, suicide is actually very fearless. even now i’m trying to benefit this world just ‘because i can’ i tell myself, yet i get payed back with a slap in the face every day


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