Monthly Archives: Mar 2017

You don’t save me by forcing me to live. This cruelty is all about you. And you never need to care about the error of valuing my will to live as something you think is worthless. But if you truly want to save me you have to recognise that my will to live is more precious than my life. Truly if you’d wanted to save me from suicide then the human race needed to never be the evil lying cunts they truly are. But this is what’s impossible. 

Suicide and suicidal feelings are the product of a mental illness according to doctors and mental illnesses are abnormal, unnatural mental phenomena which are caused by a brain malfunction and are thus the product of an incompetent mind. And the public need this lie to have any compassion because of the idea that you can’t stigmatise someone who has an illness. So suicidal feelings aren’t caused by unbearable suffering according to doctors and the public can’t have compassion for those who are experiencing unbearable mental suffering unless they’re told it’s an illness. Who would want to live in amongst such an evil species that these lies exist to force people to have compassion? Not me. OF COURSE I NEED TO DIE. I am too different.