The greatest challenges of liberty and human rights is defeating the tyranny of evil. There is always a tyranny of evil which must be fought. When it comes to the right to die it’s especially difficult because the tyrants are doctors. But doctors have failed their duty of expertise and they’ve committed crimes against suicidal individuals and crimes against humanity. Everything doctors do is the fruit of a tree which is poisoned by the lie at its roots. The worst consequence of this failure is the perception that unbearable suffering is okay. The government has thus far failed to legalise assisted suicide because they believe unbearable suffering is okay. This is a crime and a tragedy. The tragedy must be fixed but the crimes against suicidal individuals must be punished. They should know what it’s like to beg for the mercy of a good death but never get mercy. If they believe that unbearable suffering is okay and it’s okay for them to force anyone to endure unbearable suffering then they should learn why unbearable suffering is not okay from personal experience. It’s a terrible punishment and an excellent education to make them know how I feel by feeling it.