One of the motifs the monsters who call themselves the human race is the number 101. It is the number of the devil’s army and the battalions of hell. They had done 100% evil to me a long time ago using the abundance of cruelty that heartless monsters have. But they went further and they’re proud of going further to achieve more cruelty and evil in what they do to me so with pride they use the number 101 which they insert into my reality as only monsters would do. It is a reminder that when they do the impossible they do what’s impossibly and unimaginably cruel and evil. 101% is impossible but they’ve achieve it in the cruelty and evil which they’ve done to me with 0% mercy and no heart to stop them from going too far. OF COURSE I NEED TO DIE. Hell is a life lived amongst the monsters who are proud of achieving the 101% cruelty and evil they’ve done to me. The impossible cruelty and evil is the source of their happiness so they remind me of it every single day. But they couldn’t do it if I had killed myself or if assisted suicide was legal.