Living in a time in history when assisted suicide is illegal is not worth living at all. In these times it is clear that unbearable suffering is okay. This is the fundamental reason why assisted suicide is still criminalised. It is the pervasive heartlessness and mercilessness which creates this blatant cruelty in my lifetime. If you’re anything like me then you’ll only be safe from the monsters who call themselves the human race if you can access assisted suicide. If you’re anything like me then the only way you can be saved from the evil and cruelty of the human race is if assisted suicide is available to you. Assisted suicide is good. In times of pervasive heartlessness and cruelty it’s suicide which is not just the last defence but the only defence against enduring what’s unbearable. It is the only thing which could ever have protected me from the unbearable things the monsters who call themselves the human race do to me. Suicide is good. It fulfills a basic need to not to suffer anymore. Nothing else and no one else can do this for me so suicide provides the defence from suffering too much which I’ve always needed but was never given. The time for the legalisation of assisted suicide is now.