This is not a life. It’s a fate worse than death. This is a life with too many reasons to die. One reason to die is one too much for me but not for the monsters who call themselves the human race. They do what monsters do. They create more reasons for me to die, not less. This is what they do well. They do not know how to be humane. They do not have any sense of mercy. They have deliberately made me suffer unbearable suffering. It is pure evil and blatant cruelty to deliberately cause unbearable suffering. But their evil and their cruelty simply couldn’t stop there. They are monsters after all. The monsters who call themselves the human race have forced me to live against my consent so they can keep on hurting me. This is a fate worse than death by anyone’s standards. The monsters have a high standard of evil so they do cruelty and evil well. They are monsters after all so they do what is inhumane and they do what is even more inhumane because they have no heart and no reason to do what’s right. OF COURSE I NEED TO DIE.