Imagine if you’re the property of a government who don’t give a fuck about the end of your suffering. Imagine if you’re the victims of those who think they know what’s right for you so they force you to suffer more than you can bear. Imagine you’re a slave to the morality (or lack thereof) of a government which chooses for you to endure something so awful that you’d die instead of endure it. Imagine if you’re a victim forced to endure unbearable suffering and unbearable quality of life because of the sense of care of monsters. Imagine if you need to die but there are no angels here – neither an angel of mercy or an angel of death – because they are deemed to be criminals. Imagine you’re a slave to the cruelty of a government which refuses to legalise assisted suicide. I don’t need to imagine and neither do so many suicidal individuals. For fucks sake kill us.