Monthly Archives: Sep 2017

I shouldn’t have to fight for my death. But you can’t stop hurting me. You won’t stop hurting me. So I have to fight for my death. All because you’re evil. You won’t let anything get in the way of your evil. Because you’re evil it’s assisted suicide which is the crime.


The protection from the blatant cruelty of the monsters who call themselves the human race is…or should be…an ever evolving standard. Because they can’t stop being evil. Because they can’t do what’s right. The best they can do is be less evil. They can’t stop being evil. And they won’t stop hurting me until I die. They are evil but suicide is good. So they criminalise assisted suicide to force me to live so they can keep on hurting me and making me want to die. They can’t stop being evil. All because they’re evil. Once they’re a little less evil they’ll kill me. But right now they can’t do what’s right at all. All because they’re evil.