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The privilege of the medical profession worsens the cruelty and injustices in the modern suicide system 

There is so much cruelty in the modern medicalised suicide system. It’s hard to perceive because it’s done by the profession which has the highest esteem of any profession.

The injustices are done by doctors so it’s harder to see that there are injustices. After all, people trust doctors to always do the right thing. I call this the privilege of the medical profession. 

The cruelty of medical imprisonment is a key example. Be it in a prison or a psychiatric prison the punishment of imprisonment is the same. It is a punishment done to the worst criminals but it’s also done to suicidal individuals. 

In the criminal justice system there is a high standard of jurisprudence because the potential for cruelty and injustices is recognised. There are lots of checks and balances which, for example, protect the innocent from punishment. 

There are virtually no checks and balances to prevent the cruelty and injustices done by psychiatrists. This is because of the privilege of the medical profession. 

This is why the medical profession can’t be part of the suicide system. They are respected as agents of good but they’ve demonstrated that they’re not. The powers they use are derived from a lie which is the biomedical model of mental illness. This is the idea that certain mental differences are caused by a brain defect.

It’s always worth considering the importance of the demedicalisation of homosexuals which happened in the latter half of the 20th century. This didn’t happen because of any new psychiatric science and if it hadn’t then modern psychiatrists would be researching potential brain differences in homosexuals. The demedicalisation happened because of a shift in social and cultural norms.

Most importantly, there was no admonition of the psychiatric profession for the cruelty and injustices they’ve done to homosexuals over the last few centuries. There was no punishment for the profession which had done things like imprison homosexuals and there was no consideration given to the potential that other injustices are still being done by psychiatrists. 

The privilege of the medical profession shielded the cruelty and injustice. The profession got away with it and the public didn’t question the injustices which for centuries were done to homosexuals by psychiatrists.

Thus the profession continues to be a tyranny of evil but is still respected by the public and patients. But it is a tyranny of evil which must end.


The angels of the abyss: a paradigm shift in the suicide system towards truth and suicide protection 

The phrase “angels of the abyss” resonates with my idea of who suicidal individuals should turn to. It’s everything which psychiatrists and other monsters of the evil modern suicide system aren’t.

The paradigm shift is to recognise that suicide is the natural and rational response to unbearable suffering either in the present or expected to happen in the future. This truth unites the suicides of miserable people and the terminally ill. 

The angels of the abyss and definitely angels of mercy but they are so much more. By recognising the truth they do so much more and ultimately meet the wants and needs of suicidal individuals. 

They aim to protect people from ever becoming suicidal by assaulting the cruel modern societies and cultures which are full of suffering and heartlessness which are essential for the unbearable suffering of so many people. Instead of believing in the lies of psychiatry which purport suicidal feelings are the product of a brain defect the new paradigm sees the proliferate suffering as the cause.

The analogy I’d use to demonstrate this difference between truth and the lies of psychiatry is to consider how economic recessions increase the suicide rate. The truth is that the increase in unemployment and decrease in jobs causes more suffering. In the psychiatric paradigm of a brain defect this rise in suicides can’t be truthfully explained by a biological explanation. 

The truth is obvious and it creates the action which every suicidal individual wants which is never to have become suicidal. Of course sometimes this may be impossible but for the miserable people who need to die to stop their unbearable suffering this is essential. 

I’m talking about suicide protection. The current suicide system can’t envisage this direction because of the lies of psychiatrists rules. The only biomedical psychiatry way to protect people from becoming suicidal is to put antidepressants and other drugs into the water supply to mass medicate the population. 

But a suicide system which recognises that unbearable suffering is the cause of suicide can respond in a humane way by addressing the abundant suffering in modern life. This is what angels of the abyss have to do.

Economic recessions increase the suicide rate. If misery is a mental illness then are investment bankers going round putting depressant drugs in the food and water when recessions happen? Or is mental illness a lie and the suicide rate goes up in recessions because recessions cause more suffering and what happens to an individual is what causes unbearable suffering? 

I hope the answer is obvious but my wretched existence has made me loose all hope. No hope but death to save me.

When you’ve suffered too much you’ll know why suicide is good.

One of the obstacles to the legalisation of assisted suicide is the incompetent mind prejudice which is a fallacy which is fundamental to the institution of psychiatry.

The premise of this false belief is why euthanasia organisations like Dignity in Dying are careful to state that assisted suicide should only be allowed for people who have competent minds. They believe in the prejudice which is associated with psychiatric diagnosis, the prejudice that psychiatric patients don’t have competent minds.

It’s the prejudice which is also the basis of the imprisonment of suicidal individuals. This atrocity is acceptable but any level of common sense or basic compassion would deem that the use of punishment worsens suffering and worsening the suffering of suicidal individuals is wholly unacceptable. 

The idea that miserable people can’t make it rational choice to die is preposterous but the majesty of the evil of psychiatry is in common with the evil of people and politicians. 

The truth is that it’s not a brain defect which makes miserable people want to die. It’s unbearable suffering in whatever form it takes. Suicide is a natural and rational response to too much suffering. With no other viable option available rational people choose to end their life to end their suffering. 

The truth can’t stop the evil though. The anti suicide movement keep on winning. The government continues  the criminalisation of assisted suicide. No one cares enough to kill me.

You might not want me to die but you can only force me to live because of the biomedical model at the foundation of psychiatry or if you’re evil.

If you think misery is an illness and suicidal feelings are caused by a brain malfunction then you’ll design a shit suicide system like the one which exists today and was designed from psychiatric principles. If you know that suicidal feelings are caused by unbearable personal suffering then you’ll create a good suicide system.

Psychiatry is dehumanising because it confers the attribute of an unsound mind on suicidal individuals. An unsound or incompetent mind is the reason why they can imprison suicidal individuals. They don’t care about the pain this inflicts on people who have clearly suffered too much because they don’t care about what’s true.

If you build on the right foundations then it’s a key principle of a good suicide system which endeavours to never worsen the suffering of suicidal individuals. This is logical if the foundation of the suicide system is based in empathy, not illness.

Then there’s the logical objective of preventing people from becoming suicidal. This is necessary if suicide is caused by unbearable suffering. Then unbearable suffering should be prevented by addressing the social factors and ultimately to reduce the harshness of modern society and culture. 

Psychiatrists have never tried to do this because they see brain defects as the cause of suicidal feelings. Thus if they were to attempt to prevent suicidal feelings from happening they’d put antidepressants and mood stabilisers in the water supply instead of fighting against the harsh brutality in modern society and culture which causes so many people to suffer unbearable suffering.

The truth is essential to create a good suicide system. This includes the case for the legalisation of assisted suicide. This is where the dehumanising effect of the false foundation is most nefarious. Assisted suicide is kept criminalised because the dominant view is that miserable people have incompetent minds so their decision to die can’t be a legitimate choice. However the respect for the extreme severity of the pain which causes suicidal feelings demands that assisted suicide must be legalised because it is humane.

It’s this element of humanisation which is missing in the current suicide system. The current system is devoid of the necessary empathy which comes from the understanding that suicide is caused by unbearable personal suffering. This is why I believe the current suicide system is worse than worseless. 

The modern suicide system is founded on a lie and this aspect alone is unacceptable. Misery is not an illness and suicidal feelings are caused by unbearable suffering. 

How could they get it so wrong? Because you, the people, let them.

Of course some people believe that the idea of mental illness and depression creates compassion because otherwise it could be thought that miserable people are just weak or lazy. It forces people to have compassion for miserable people because depression is an illness and ill people deserve compassion. But can’t people have empathy with people in psychological pain without depending on a lie to evoke compassion for a human who is suffering? 

Can you, the people, have empathy and respect for people who are mentally different or do you still need to think that it’s an illness to get any compassion from you? 

Can you, the people, understand that suicidal feelings are caused by unbearable personal suffering? This is the truth.

The legalisation if assisted suicide will decimate the disabled population 

Yesterday I read a policy statement about assisted suicide from the leading disability charity in England. it was heartbreaking to read it and I stopped after a few paragraphs. I made a snap response which I sent to them and published on this blog.

On reflection I still agree with what I had to say but I need to talk about the counter argument. the legalisation of assisted suicide will result in a lot of use of this mercy by disabled people. 

I believe the disabled are an important part of society. I do believe in the principle of the integrity of disability which venerates the diversity which disabled people represent. I’m against the normalising practices used on people with psychosocial disabilities by doctors because they assume that normalisation is the only goal.

 I believe that human diversity has a value  and one of the crimes against humanity which are perpetrated by psychiatry is that it attempts to destroy this psychodiversty. 

A couple of years ago I was obsessed with the ethics of genetic selection and invitro fertilisation. this is a technology which is in use today by parents who can afford it. embryoes are harvested and screened for certain traits so parents can have a more perfect child. this is used to screen for genetic diseases but it’s also been used to screen for female embryoes and for them to be rejected by parents who want male offspring. 

This technology is rarely used but it’s being used more often. it comes with a huge ethical dilemma though. the dilemma is that it will lead to the end of certain disabilities that people are born with. to anyone outside the fringes of the disability sector this sounds like a good thing but if disabled people are valued for their diversity then this technology will eliminate a lot of this diversity. 

Let me briefly talk about the integrity of disability principle. this is based on valuing the difference which disabled people bring to the human race. it is why blind parents would choose to bear a blind child even though embryonic screening and implantation could prevent their offspring from being born blind. it’s why blind people would choose not to use sight restoring technology. this is because they believe that their disability is an essential part of human diversity and to take it away is unacceptable. this principle is integral to the social model of disability. 

I did my best to understand genetics to find a scientific answer to this ethical quandary. what genetic definition is there of a normal human being and what’s definitely a genetic disease instead of natural human diversity. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any black and white scientific answer.

Let me try and explain this. imagine a monkey genetic scientist. one day they come across a monkey without a tail. this monkey lacks the balance and agility of normal apes because it lacks a tail. a monkey without a tail is a disabled monkey. the monkey genetic scientist can either see this as a disease which must be prevented or they can percieve the disability as something which is a natural part of the wide diversity of all apes. Neither of these options is, from my basic understanding of genetics, a scientific answer. it is a profoundly ethical question. 

I tried hard to find a definite scientific answer like I discovered about psychiatry. psychiatry is unscientific at its core because it believes that psychodiversty is an illness. it’s a system used to enforce temporary social and cultural norms rather than being either about genuine diseases or anything scientific.

 I couldn’t find the same clarity about the question of disability and genetic ethics. my heart believed that the disabled are a vital part of human diversity. my heart believed in the integrity of disability and so dictated that genetic embryo screening and implantation was a bad thing. 

the use of genetic screening to produce a perfect child is based on contemporary temporary norms of society and culture. in the past there are examples of biological differences being used to pejoratise natural human difference and even call natural human biodiversity an illness. here I’m thinking about the diagnosis of negritude which was invented by a doctor a few centuries ago to medicalise black skin colour. black skin colour is a biological difference which, in a time in history where white skin was the norm and black skinned people were slaves, could be perceived as a disease because of a biological difference. Obviously this biological difference is a genetic difference. 

Unfortunately my heart was not so black and white. I spent a lot of time reflecting on this issue and my heart won out but for the wrong thing. the life which disabled people have to live is awful. the suffering was, for me, the important thing. while the integrity of disability is lofty goal the reality is that disabled people suffer much more than average people. of course there are some disabled people who can live with their disability and not suffer but most disabled people suffer more than those who aren’t disabled. 

It’s the evidence I have from my life. I wish I’d never been born because my life is full of so much suffering. I firmly believe in the value of the disabled and I believe in diversity as a higher goal. I believe that the problem of disability is caused by a dysfunctional society which demands conformity instead of worshiping diversity. I even value pain and misery but I would only willing be part of someone else’s suffering in my darkest hours.

Disabled people suffer so much adversity. they suffer poverty, discrimination and very poor quality of life. they have fewer life chances and can’t have any ambition. they suffer so much. too much. as have I.

In a perfect world none of this would happen but it’s an awful world made awful by an awful human race. the higher goal of respect for all diversity is very important but if the goal is achieved by forcing disabled people to suffer then, in the end, I couldn’t support it or fight for it.

The higher goal is still important to me but I had to give up on fighting against the use of genetic technology being used to eradicate disability because any victory would force disabled children and adults to endure more suffering. 

Ultimately I’m saying that it’s better to never be born than be born disabled. it’s a personal belief but it is pivotal to my beliefs about assisted suicide and it’s about what I want for myself. 

I wish I was never born because I’d have never gone through so much suffering. I wish I was dead now because I’d be saved from so much suffering. 

Suicide education as part of everyone’s psychosocial education 

I’m still thinking about the NHS target of zero suicides. this objective is a consequence of the cruelty of England’s politicians and doctors as well as the victories of the anti suicide response. every attempt to legalise assisted suicide has failed in this wretched country.

One of the ways I thought to respond is by producing evil solutions to meet my enemy’s goal. I have two.

 the worst is gathering genetic information from people who have succeeded in killing themselves to look for genetic differences. this information could be used by parents to attempt to guarantee that their offspring never kill themselves. the NHS will be offering embryonic screening and IVF implantation of embryos at some point in the future so they could achieve the zero successful suicides target using advances in genetics and embryonic technology. 
The other suggestion is to use digital data about individuals to persecute suicidal individuals. for example they could use searches and website visits to find people who are thinking about suicide then force NHS interventions on them. this persecution would be a way to force people to use NHS treatment and there’s a risk that imprisonment would be used to force people to engage in treatment. 

These two suggestions are evil. they’re also true. the genetics solution in particular is an excellent method which could drastically reduce the number of successful suicides. it will create a race of emotionless automatons who will not want to die even if they’re subject to terrible injustices. this use of genetic technology would prevent people like Gandhi, Van Gogh and Jesus Christ from being born of course.

There is, however, one suggestion which has merit though the NHS would turn it into a curse. it’s simply education. most people only ever learn about suicide when they become suicidal. learning about suicide is a way I believe can benefit everyone. Unfortunately I’m certain that the education wouldn’t be truthful. what I mean is that if suicide education was done by the NHS then it’d just be anti suicide. while this might reduce the successful suicide rate it would be a lie. suicide has certain benefits which is why people choose to die.

The lies already done by the NHS are part of the problem as I see it. it’s the lie that says misery is an illness. it’s the lie which allows the imprisonment of suicidal individuals even though (in England) imprisonment is the worst punishment for the worst crimes.

This lie means suicidal individuals suffer more. their suffering can be worsened. the first thing any suicide education would teach is that worsening the suffering of suicidal individuals should never happen. this truth is basic. it’s as basic as understanding why suicide is good but the NHS doesn’t care about the truth so any suicide education would be focused on an anti suicide lie.

Misery is not an illness. Misery is not an illness. Misery is not an illness.

Misery is a form of suffering and this is the only thing it has in common with physical health.

But misery is not an illness. Imagine how awful it would be if the suicide system is based on the lie that misery is an illness. That would be terrible.

It is terrible because people believe misery is an illness. It’s another reason to die.

There’s a profession which is built to be cruel to suicidal individuals. It’s called psychiatry. There are other profession’s and organisations which are all part of this unconscionable cruelty but they’re led by psychiatry.

So many people are paid well to be cruel to suicidal individuals.

The cruelty is the use of punishment. Imprisonment is punishment.

The cruelty is the lack of action to prevent people from becoming suicidal. This is not done.

The cruelty is the focus on the prevention of the act of suicide rather than the causation of suicidal feelings.

The cruelty is the criminalisation of assisted suicide.

The cruelty is the entirely one sided anti suicide message given by therapists who don’t care about being truthful.

The cruelty is redoubled because it’s based on a giant lie. Misery is not an illness.

I have a vision of something better. It’s a vision of an ethical suicide which is based upon truth and the absence of the cruelty which the modern suicide system is full of. It’s all on this blog.