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Unbearable suffering is unacceptable. This is the noble truth which if it existed would have saved me a long time ago. The truth would have saved me even longer ago.


Don’t force me to suffer unbearable suffering. The cost is too high.

This version I managed to send to David Cameron who is the leader of a shit nation.

Don’t force me to suffer unbearable suffering. The cost is too high.
The NHS and the government believe that an important goal is zero suicides and this should be achieved by preventing suicidal individuals from successfully killing themselves.
This can’t happen because it’s too cruel. It’s cruel to force a suicidal individual to suffer unbearable suffering with no end. 
You don’t think the price of forcing suicidal individuals to live their nightmare is too much but I’m telling you it is. Suicidal individuals would do anythying to escape their unbearable suffering because it’s so severe. That’s why they are willing to die. Death is better than enduring unbearable suffering.
The cost of enduring unbearable suffering is too high which is why suicide becomes a good solution. Can you understand this basic truth? I wish you know this pain like I do because then you’d know the cost.
The cost of enduring unbearable suffering is too high. You should not force me to suffer such awful pain. You must legalise assisted suicide. 

Who pays the price for keeping assisted suicide criminalised? It’s not the politicians who voted against the legalisation of assisted suicide. It’s not the members of the highly successful anti suicide movement. The price is paid by suicidal individuals who are forced to suffer unbearable suffering because they’re denied a good death to end their horrible existence. The cost is in pain. Extreme and unbearable pain.

Surely this is unacceptable? Such severe suffering must be stopped but the victors of the battle to keep assisted suicide criminalised are cruel.

I believe the right to die, to choose one’s death, is an inalienable human right because it’s an extension of the rights of liberty and life. But it is beyond a right. It’s the compassionate thing to do to help someone get the best quality death they can.

Such compassion and belief in personal liberty are not qualities which are winning the fight for the legalisation of assisted suicide. Instead the victors suffer not a fraction of what their victims suffer because they’re forced to keep on living.

If you can agree that torture is about forcing the victim to endure unbearable suffering then I hope you can see that the victories of the anti suicide movement are victories for the proliferation of torture rather than the cessation of torture. 

Forcing suicidal individuals to live is the goal of the NHS and the government. They are the real criminals.

Are you a hell maker or a hell breaker? this is about your personal beliefs about suicide and my life.

Feeling suicidal is hell on earth. hell makers are monsters whose abundant cruelty can’t stop at just making me want to die. hell makers have no limits so they create hell after hell. their cruelty is what I’ve fought against throughout this blog.

Do you want me to suffer? clearly yes. do I want to suffer? clearly no. That’s why suicide is good for me and bad for those who want me to suffer. there are people who clearly want me to suffer and I’m powerless to stop them. I need to die because of them and so many other reasons. 

The National Health Service in England has a target of zero suicides. That’s the problem with the lie that misery is an illness. Stupid people believe it’s true because a convenient lie is more important than the truth to them.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been writing to my Minister of Parliament and the two biggest mental health charities in England. My MP and her staff have been kind to me and listened. They sent my comments to the Department of Health. The DoH responded and one of the things they said was that there’s a zero suicides target at local level.

Fighting for the impossible

I admit I admire their ambition. It’s so rare to find the government ever setting out to achieve impossible goals. But it hurt me to hear about this goal because it’s so cruel. The goal is designed by people who care more about the length of life than the quality of life. These people don’t care about personal liberty and they’re devoid of empathy.

Perhaps a decade ago I’d be in favour of this target but my views have evolved. Don’t misunderstand me. I think zero suicides is a good target if it’s going to be achieved by stopping people from ever wanting to die. If it was so designed then I’d be impressed and happy but it’s not. The goal of the government and the NHS is to stop suicidal individuals from successfully killing themselves. This is cruel because they’re choosing someone else’s suffering.

The conventional inhumane wisdom

The conventional wisdom which the public seem to support is that the tragedy in suicide is the premature death. It’s not. The tragedy is that anyone ever suffers so much that suicide becomes a good solution. It’s that their suffering becomes so terrible and that they’re powerless to stop suffering by any other means except suicide.

It’s the unbearable suffering which needs to stop. Society and culture need to evolve away from the pervasive cruelty which permeates modern life. The tragedy is that anyone suffers so much that they need to die, not death itself. The causes of suicidal feelings are well documented in research and on the Internet. For example this page.


Obviously not all of the suffering is created by other people. Some of it is caused by God, or if you prefer a non religious way to express this then it’s caused by natural forces such as aging or the severe disability which occurs near the end of life.


Irrespective of the source of suicidal feelings the cruel thing to do is to deny suicidal individuals a good death. To deny people the chance to choose how and when they die is cruel. That’s why the zero suicides agenda is so repulsive to me. It is an agenda devoid of basic mercy and humaneness.

England is particularly cruel in this respect. All attempts to get the government to be merciful and legalise assisted suicide have failed. One of the recent attempts used the case of someone with locked in syndrome. This person had no voluntary control of their body. Their heart still pumped but they couldn’t move their body. They couldn’t talk but they used a tongue based keyboard to communicate. There was absolutely nothing that could be done to heal them.


Beg for death and never be heard

His pleas for mercy were not heard. This is the cruelty which remains today and is behind the zero suicides target. The cruelty is entrenched. While this cruelty remains there is no mercy shown to those who suffer the tragedy of unbearable suffering.

It’s a brutish cruelty which is supported by most politicians in England. To deny the person who had locked in syndrome from getting a good death is pure cruelty and the target of zero suicides is pure cruelty too.

More cruelty

One of the ways cruel politicians and lobbyists use to prevent the legalisation of assisted suicide is their fear that allowing assisted suicide for anyone opens up the floodgates for those who cruel people think don’t warrant giving an assisted suicide to someone with psychosocial disabilities (mental illnesses).

Again, this is about the cruelty. It’s the cruelty which percieves misery as a sign that someone has an incompetent mind. The perception of misery as a mental illness and a genuine medical illness causes so much cruelty and the idea that misery isn’t a good enough reason for suicide is one of the major forms of cruelty which are normal in this wretched country. Not just because it stops the empathy required to legalise assisted suicide but for a whole host of other reasons.

Cruelty upon cruelty

The suffering of the terminally ill or those with physical disabilities is usually caused by forces which are outside human control. The suffering of miserable people is well within the control of humanity if humanity chooses to be humane. But humanity isn’t humane.

We have a limit to the pain we can endure. I believe anything beyond this limit is torture and no one should be forced to endure torture. The zero suicides target doesn’t aim to end the suffering. It isn’t designed to make life better and more livable. It is designed to force people to suffer beyond their threshold for personal suffering.

How can I respond to such cruelty? Such cruelty is yet another reason to die and I have too many reasons already.

A lot of the things which really cause suicide (not the bullshit causes of the biomedical model) are studied and well documented. One of them is recessions and the job losses they cause. Another is relationship breakup. Another is disability and the poor quality of life suffered by disabled people. My personal favourite is being betrayed by everyone I’ve ever met.