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The people who fight against the legalisation of assisted suicide don’t understand human suffering nor do they care. They don’t know the terrible harms they create for suicidal individuals. 

People realise why suicide is a good solution when they suffer more than they can bear. When their suffering becomes so awful that they can’t survive it or endure it then a rational human being contemplates suicide. 

Suicide is the only solution which guarantees the end of suffering and the end of unbearable suffering is why people choose to die. The loss of the rest of their life is a big cost but it’s a price worth paying to end extreme personal suffering. 

What I’m explaining is basic as is the respect for personal suffering. Extreme personal suffering is awful and no one should be forced to endure it because to do so is criminally heartless. 

No one should be forced to endure unbearable suffering because such extreme suffering is too awful. This is a statement of basic empathy and compassion to recognise that the suffering which causes suicidal feelings is universally extreme.

This basic compassion is what the anti suicide movement don’t have. They don’t care about suffering. Their tyranny is a successful one because heartlessness prevails but compassion does not.

The people who force me to live to suffer for their beliefs deserve something terrible. Their heartlessness is criminal. They don’t care about the suffering of suicidal individuals. They can’t have basic compassion because they’re evil and they want to force suicidal individuals to suffer unbearable suffering. 

In every epoch of the history of the human race there is always an evil tyranny which must be beaten to make humanity more humane. From slavery to the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis these tyrannies are done by heartless people whose evil is easily recognised in hindsight but prevails in the time period. 

These tyrannies don’t care about liberty, equality or the suffering they inflict on their victims. Today the evil tyranny is the anti suicide movement and I see this as easily as people in the future will see the modern tyranny of evil in hindsight. 

Fight this evil tyranny.


The leading disability charity in England are against assisted suicide because they’re cunts. Here’s my response to their anti suicide policy

Here’s what they said:


Here’s my response 

I just tried reading your position on assisted suicide. It’d be laughable for being so rubbish if it wasn’t so cruel. 

The key element of the legalisation of assisted suicide by disabled people is that it’s their choice. Your policy reinforces the prejudice that disabled people can’t choose things for themselves because their decision making ability is impaired. 

As the leading disability charity you have demonstrated that you’re incompetent by your policy on assisted suicide. Disabled people should be free to choose their lives and their deaths. You’re failures at giving them the former so you want to stop them from choosing the latter.

I do understand that legalising assisted suicide will decimate the disabled because lots of them would choose to die. Certainly the evidence from psychosocial disabilities demonstrates that many do want to die and do succeed I’m killing themselves. The lifetime prevalence of successful suicides by people with schizophrenia diagnoses is 5%. I think it’s 20% for borderline personality disorder. 

I know that disabled people are a vital part of the diversity of the human race. They are an essential part of the human race and assisted suicide risks the loss of the value they provide because they’re different. 

But if you dismiss the right to choose death then you’re doing the same evil as dismissing the freedom of disabled people to choose their lives. 

You are simply against assisted suicide. It’s possible to have a waiting period to prevent people who have become disabled and suicidal from making rash decisions. I’m against such a protective waiting period being a long time so I think a month is sufficient. I also believe this is the standard for everyone, not just  disabled people, because we’re equal. Perhaps a year is enough? I wouldn’t want to determine the length of this protective period so I’d suggest it’s done by an advanced decision rather than a standard. 

Suicide should be a personalised decision because that’s what’s dictated by the personalisation agenda. Your assisted suicide policy is based on the persecution agenda which is anti disability rights. The statistics for psychosocial disabilities demonstrates that disabled people do want to die and it’s cruel to stop them because it causes more suffering. 

People want to die because they’re suffering irrespective of it is caused by a recognised disability or not. You’re either part of the suffering or part of ending it. Scope is part of worsening the suffering because of your policy on assisted suicide. 

Perhaps I’ll write a more contemplated response tomorrow. I’d rather die and I definitely don’t want to have to fight for my good death. Scope should be saving me but their policy on assisted suicide is just more cruelty.