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The most awful form of slavery is when the slave is forced to endure unbearable suffering so their masters get what they want. This is the slavery created by the current suicide system and the zero suicides objectives of evil people who wield power over suicidal individuals. 


If angels believe in the prevention and cessation of unbearable suffering as their goal then what would you call the anti suicide movement? Heartless tyrants. Demons. Monsters. Evil cunts. Hell makers. Or something worse?

Those who fight against the legalisation of assisted suicide and the right to a good death have a fundamental flaw. They think that it’s not a personal choice to endure unbearable suffering. They think it’s their choice. It’s not.

​If you block the legalisation of assisted suicide then you’re okay with forcing people to endure unbearable suffering. This is cruel. It’s my choice to suffer or to die. When people choose suffering for other people there’s a crime being done. If I made the members of the anti suicide movement suffer so much that they’re desperate to die to end the suffering I inflict then surely I’m an evil criminal? Just like they are… 

Enduring unbearable suffering is too terrible which is why assisted suicide must be legalised. Forcing people to suffer unbearable suffering is not acceptable. It’s cruel. It also denies individuals their right to choose. 

If the assisted suicide movement don’t care about personal liberty to choose to suffer or not then I’d gladly teach them why it’s important that no one is forced to endure unbearable suffering.

 I would torture them to teach them that when someone – me – forces them to endure unbearable suffering then this is cruel and evil and wholly unconscionable. 

Pain  is a great teacher. To know what it’s like to beg for death and get no mercy is a hell I would wish on every person who stands against my death. I hope the readers of this blog wish for the same education for the anti suicide movement. 

My thoughts keep coming back to the suffering which suicidal individuals are forced to face. It’s wrong to force suicidal individuals to live and suffer unbearable suffering. 

Suicidal individuals choose suicide to escape unbearable suffering. Each one of us wants to avoid and end their nightmare. The pain is too much to endure which is why rational people choose suicide because suicide guarantees the end of their suffering. 

The recognition of the extreme severity of the personal suffering which makes dying an appealing option is something which the anti suicide movement don’t comprehend. They refuse to recognise the validity of the act of suicide and the competency of the individual to choose to end their unbearable suffering. 

I don’t believe that such extreme suffering is acceptable and I think that forcing people to endure unbearable pain is unacceptable. The pain is unacceptable because it is too much pain. The choice to die is made because the pain is too much too endure.

What I’m trying to say is that the pain which causes suicidal feelings shouldn’t exist because it’s too severe. There’s a fundamental line which divides other forms of suffering and the extreme personal suffering which precipitates suicidal feelings. 

This pain should be the focus of the ‘by any means necessary’ mentality. Instead this mentality is in full effect in achieving the goal of zero suicides. 

The authors of modern suicide policy and practice will do anything to force a suicidal individual to live and endure unbearable suffering no matter how cruel it is. They perceive that death is the tragedy, not the tragedy of experiencing such extreme personal suffering. 

They don’t understand pain like I do. I think there are fates worse than death and there’s pain which is worth using any means to prevent from existing and to end it quickly. The personal cost of suffering so much is simply too great for anyone to endure let alone be forced to endure. 

These two disparate viewpoints are about what the fundamental focus of the suicide system should be. I believe the suicide system should prevent and end the unbearable suffering quickly by any means necessary. The prevailing thinking in the current suicide system is firmly rooted in preventing death by any means necessary. 

There is a clear divide between these two perspectives. I believe the overriding imperative must be personal choice in this quandary about suffering versus death. Essentially I believe this decision should be a personal one whether the suicidal individual chooses to live and suffer or die and find peace.

This is why I believe there’s a right to die which must exist just like, for example, abortion rights. A woman has the right to choose abortion or not. That’s a woman’s right. Abortion is as complex an issue as suicide but in the end it’s about personal liberty.

Essentially I’m saying it’s my life to choose and my death. There are people who want me to live but it’s my life. I decide when it ends whenever I have the privilege to choose when and how I die. It’s up to me to decide which is the tragedy.

I choose death. I choose it because it’s the only way I can stop the suffering. It always has been but I’ve been forced to live and forced to suffer unbearable suffering. Being forced to suffer is the tragedy I wanted to end such a long time ago. 

My death is not my tragedy. Still living is my tragedy. Suffering so much for so long is my tragedy. Suicide ends my tragedy. 

I want my suffering to end. Why don’t you want this for me?

What would you want? To never become suicidal or to be guaranteed a good death. What would you hate? To be suicidal and to be forced to live to suffer extreme personal suffering? 

Sorry. I’m not interested in comments even from the few people who follow this blog.

I think I know what you want and don’t want. It’s the same as I want and don’t want.

The leading disability charity in England are against assisted suicide because they’re cunts. Here’s my response to their anti suicide policy

Here’s what they said:


Here’s my response 

I just tried reading your position on assisted suicide. It’d be laughable for being so rubbish if it wasn’t so cruel. 

The key element of the legalisation of assisted suicide by disabled people is that it’s their choice. Your policy reinforces the prejudice that disabled people can’t choose things for themselves because their decision making ability is impaired. 

As the leading disability charity you have demonstrated that you’re incompetent by your policy on assisted suicide. Disabled people should be free to choose their lives and their deaths. You’re failures at giving them the former so you want to stop them from choosing the latter.

I do understand that legalising assisted suicide will decimate the disabled because lots of them would choose to die. Certainly the evidence from psychosocial disabilities demonstrates that many do want to die and do succeed I’m killing themselves. The lifetime prevalence of successful suicides by people with schizophrenia diagnoses is 5%. I think it’s 20% for borderline personality disorder. 

I know that disabled people are a vital part of the diversity of the human race. They are an essential part of the human race and assisted suicide risks the loss of the value they provide because they’re different. 

But if you dismiss the right to choose death then you’re doing the same evil as dismissing the freedom of disabled people to choose their lives. 

You are simply against assisted suicide. It’s possible to have a waiting period to prevent people who have become disabled and suicidal from making rash decisions. I’m against such a protective waiting period being a long time so I think a month is sufficient. I also believe this is the standard for everyone, not just  disabled people, because we’re equal. Perhaps a year is enough? I wouldn’t want to determine the length of this protective period so I’d suggest it’s done by an advanced decision rather than a standard. 

Suicide should be a personalised decision because that’s what’s dictated by the personalisation agenda. Your assisted suicide policy is based on the persecution agenda which is anti disability rights. The statistics for psychosocial disabilities demonstrates that disabled people do want to die and it’s cruel to stop them because it causes more suffering. 

People want to die because they’re suffering irrespective of it is caused by a recognised disability or not. You’re either part of the suffering or part of ending it. Scope is part of worsening the suffering because of your policy on assisted suicide. 

Perhaps I’ll write a more contemplated response tomorrow. I’d rather die and I definitely don’t want to have to fight for my good death. Scope should be saving me but their policy on assisted suicide is just more cruelty. 

When care involves torture it’s not really care. Obviously.

The suicide system worsens the suffering of suicidal individuals without realising that this is entirely unacceptable. The anti suicide movement heavily relies on the idea that forcing someone to live against their will is OK but it’s entirely unacceptable.

These and other practices worsen the suffering of people who are suicidal. They worsen the suffering of people who have suffered too much and are so desperate to end their suffering that they’d give up the rest of their lives to die and have their suffering end.

The powers in the suicide system don’t understand that the pain which causes suicide is akin to torture but that it’s unintentional torture. However, to worsen the suffering is actual torture and to pretend that this is done out of a sense of care is utter bullshit.

It is done out of cruelty and an inappropriate sense of ownership. The powers in the suicide system think they own the lives and deaths of suicidal individuals so they can do whatever they want and be as cruel as they want to be to get what they want from the people they pretend to care about but really treat as if they’re possessions.

This is the tyranny of the suicide system. I own my life and my death but this truth doesn’t matter. The pretense of care is used to block my freedom by the unethical way suicide prevention works in the modern system and, of course, the use of direct force.

Suicidal individuals are forced to live, forced to accept treatment and imprisoned… None of this is care. It is a cruel and evil tyranny which tortures suicidal individuals.


It might seem like exaggeration to think that suicidal feelings are caused by unintentional torture but you must recognise why torture is used. The torture of prisoners of war, for example, is designed to achieve a state of desperation which is analogous with suicidal feelings. Suicidal individuals are so desperate to end their extreme personal suffering that they’ll do anything just like torture victims who are made to suffer extreme pain so they become desperate enough that they’re willing to do anything to end it.

The medical profession has a false belief that care involves worsening the suffering of suicidal individuals. They are like torturers because they think it’s unacceptable to let their victim die to escape their suffering. Both types force suicidal individuals to live against their will. At least torturers are honest about what they do.

You should have killed me instead of forcing me to suffer more than I can bear

A key element in suicide is the escape from unbearable pain either in the present or in the future. The pain is too great to endure. That’s why people choose suicide even though the cost of suicide is the end of their life.

The decision to die is deeply personal. Every individual has certain vulnerabilities to certain suffering. The suffering which causes me to desperately want to die may not be the same as yours. I’ve found the pain which is too much to live through and most people haven’t, but everyone has the same type of vulnerability and when their hell happens to them they’ll want to die too.

Suicide is rational and natural because it is the ultimate limit to personal suffering but there is an evil tyranny which refuses to accept the truth about suicide, a truth which demands the legalisation of assisted suicide because it is merciful. It is the mercy I have needed for such a long time. It is the mercy you will want when you find yourself suffering more than you can handle because when you really find out what pain you’re vulnerable too you will need the option to end it with the mercy of an assisted suicide.

It is a basic truth that no one should be forced to suffer beyond their limits. That’s why suicide exists because when nothing else can save someone from unbearable suffering there’s always the option of suicide.

Obviously suicide is a major decision but it is also an essential choice because the alternative is being forced to suffer unbearable pain. That’s when the unwitting torture becomes actual torture. Torture is based on forcing someone to suffer unbearable agony so that someone else gets what they want.

The monsters who fight against the validity of the decision to die and prevent the legalisation of assisted suicide do not care about the personal suffering involved nor do they care about what suicidal individuals want. Their agenda is to force people to suffer by forcing them to live. This is evil because it involves the acceptance that torture is okay and it is an evil tyranny because the individual who is suffering has their free will taken away to serve the needs of those who don’t understand what it is to be human.

If the anti suicide movement weren’t so successful in their evil then they’d have the choice to never commit suicide or use an assisted suicide. I doubt they would though when they find their vulnerablities are hit and they’re suffering unbearably.

I would gladly show every member of the anti suicide movement what it’s like to suffer unbearable pain and how suicide is a blessing. I would torture those whose evil tyranny forces suicidal individuals to live and I would show no mercy. I’d watch them beg for death but I would show them no mercy like they’ve done to so many suicidal individuals. I’d keep them alive and keep on making them suffer so they have the knowledge they need to understand that what they’re doing is evil and unacceptable.

I obviously don’t have the power to do this which is a shame. Suicidal individuals need the anti suicide movement to suffer till they’re desperate to die then when they’re begging to die they are shown no mercy and their suffering gets worse. Then they’ll understand the natural response which suicide is and they’ll understand the severity of the pain which causes suicidal feelings. They’ll understand why it’s their decision to live or to die and no one else’s.