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The cost of unbearable suffering isn’t paid by the tyranny of the anti suicide movement. It’s paid by their victims. This is not fair. This is not humane. This is not nor ever has been right.


All I want is to go to sleep and never wake up. Is that so much to ask? A good death to this wretched existence?

Then at last I’d be free from my tormentors. I’d be free of the human race. This is what I want.

The NHS zero suicides target is designed by people who think all people can bear all suffering no matter what. it is an objective which doesn’t care that everyone has a limit to what they can endure.

Can you suffer endlessly? it’s a simple question but it’s important to know the truth. can you endure all forms of suffering no matter how severe or do you have a limit to what you can tolerate? 

The answer is simple. everyone has a limit to what they can endure. it’s important to recognise this. it’s important because it’s why suicidal individuals become suicidal. suicide is the natural human response to pain beyond an individual’s capability to endure. 

It’s important because for centuries there’s existed a false belief which purports that misery is an illness and mentally ill people lack the mental competence to choose to die. this false belief is what psychiatry is founded upon.

It’s important to recognise the difference between the convenient lie and the truth about suicide for lots of reasons. What’s important to me and what this blog is focused is how the truth applies to assisted suicide and the right to choose one’s death.

Beyond an individual’s capability to endure extreme personal suffering there’s a terrible mental state. it’s a state of pain which is tantamount to torture because it’s the state of pain that professional torturers in the military aim to create to get what they want. 

In fact professional torturers need to do something other than make their victims want to die. they also deny them death. Obviously the suffering of civilians isn’t as awful as what professional torturers create but the awful mental state is the same. 

There are human rights laws against the use of torture because torture is recognised  as an unacceptable form of intentionally inflicted pain even in war. human rights laws decree that torture is too evil to be allowed because of the extreme suffering used.

I’m reminded of the torture the Christian religion did to schizophrenics. it was acceptable at the time to torture people who would be diagnosed with schizophrenia in modern times. of course such torture would be unacceptable but the evil still goes on. 5% of people diagnosed with schizophrenia succeed in killing themselves but many times more want to die but fail to kill themselves. 

Why do so many schizophrenics want to die? the psychiatric answer is that it’s because their brain is malfunctioning. I’m a schizophrenic so I know the truth. life is shit for people like me. we suffer far more than others. the disability is crippling  and quality of life is very poor. we want to die because our lives are full of unbearable pain. our limit for suffering is much more frequently surpassed and there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop the sources of suffering. 

In fact disabled people in general suffer beyond the individual’s limit which is why so many disabled people want to die. There’s always the option of mental health treatment but this fails so there’s no other way to end their suffering other than suicide. 

This is the tragedy and the social model of disability puts the blame on society. it’s a maladapted which fails disabled people and non disabled people. it is a society which expects all people to endure all manner of suffering. it the leaders of society who do not recognise and respect the fact that everyone has a limit to the suffering they can endure and treatment can fail.

Forcing people to live turns the tragedy into torture. just like professional torturers do. a zero suicide target is cruel and it doesn’t acknowledge the truth about personal suffering. 

When care involves torture it’s not really care. Obviously.

The suicide system worsens the suffering of suicidal individuals without realising that this is entirely unacceptable. The anti suicide movement heavily relies on the idea that forcing someone to live against their will is OK but it’s entirely unacceptable.

These and other practices worsen the suffering of people who are suicidal. They worsen the suffering of people who have suffered too much and are so desperate to end their suffering that they’d give up the rest of their lives to die and have their suffering end.

The powers in the suicide system don’t understand that the pain which causes suicide is akin to torture but that it’s unintentional torture. However, to worsen the suffering is actual torture and to pretend that this is done out of a sense of care is utter bullshit.

It is done out of cruelty and an inappropriate sense of ownership. The powers in the suicide system think they own the lives and deaths of suicidal individuals so they can do whatever they want and be as cruel as they want to be to get what they want from the people they pretend to care about but really treat as if they’re possessions.

This is the tyranny of the suicide system. I own my life and my death but this truth doesn’t matter. The pretense of care is used to block my freedom by the unethical way suicide prevention works in the modern system and, of course, the use of direct force.

Suicidal individuals are forced to live, forced to accept treatment and imprisoned… None of this is care. It is a cruel and evil tyranny which tortures suicidal individuals.


It might seem like exaggeration to think that suicidal feelings are caused by unintentional torture but you must recognise why torture is used. The torture of prisoners of war, for example, is designed to achieve a state of desperation which is analogous with suicidal feelings. Suicidal individuals are so desperate to end their extreme personal suffering that they’ll do anything just like torture victims who are made to suffer extreme pain so they become desperate enough that they’re willing to do anything to end it.

The medical profession has a false belief that care involves worsening the suffering of suicidal individuals. They are like torturers because they think it’s unacceptable to let their victim die to escape their suffering. Both types force suicidal individuals to live against their will. At least torturers are honest about what they do.