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No one should be treated like they’re the property of anyone else but suicidal individuals are

I’m thinking about a very simple statement. It’s almost childishly simple.

It’s my life and it’s my death

I’m thinking about saying this in my next set of comments to the government. I’m thinking it won’t be appreciated for the truth that it is. 

In my previous comments I tried to explain the nature of torture and how there’s a similarity in the aims of keeping assisted suicide illegal. Both involve the act of forcing their victims to endure unbearable suffering and both have no mercy when it comes to giving their victims the death they desperately want because their victims don’t want to endure unbearable suffering. 

It didn’t work so I’m thinking of taking a different approach to explaining the egregious nature of the criminalisation of assisted suicide. It’s the personal freedom perspective and ultimately the human rights perspective. 

The medicalised suicide system doesn’t care about human rights. In fact it takes them away from their victims. The government supports this tyranny against personal freedoms which is why assisted suicide remains criminalised in this God forsaken country.

Instead of leading with the words “it’s my life and it’s my death” I thought I’d make a comparison with the nature of the tyranny over suicidal individuals and liken it to the tyranny of slavery.

Slavery is something which is already well-recognised as a form of human evil. I define slavery as making people into possessions. Slaves are the property of the slave owner. It is a terrible injustice and a terrible evil but when it was legal a lot of people couldn’t understand that it was an evil injustice. 

In the same way suicidal individuals are treated like property and theyre owned by doctors. Doctors use force to make suicidal individuals do what they want. They imprison them and force treatment on them. These powers are guaranteed by the instruments of the medico-legal framework, mainly the Mental Health Act.

 Suicidal individuals are stripped of their freedom and rights to force them to keep on living. This is purported to be done in the name of care but it is pure cruelty. It is a lesser evil than slavery but it is an evil like slavery because suicidal individuals are treated like they’re the property of doctors, not free men.

The government’s continued criminalisation of assisted suicide is part of this tyranny over free men. It’s designed to remove a suicidal individual’s right to choose a good death to stop them choosing their death at all. Theres been a lot of work to reduce the availability and put barriers up to suicidal individuals accessing good suicide methods which makes the legalisation of assisted suicide even more important. 

The politicians and the doctors are thus the new slave owners in this modern form of slavery. The modern tyranny of evil over suicidal individuals is as unacceptable as the tyranny of slavery. It takes away choice and freedom to achieve what the slave owners want for their suicidal slaves.

The way suicidal individuals are treated is different from slaves because the slavery of suicidal individuals forces them to endure unbearable suffering. The tyranny is also done by the most respected profession so the nature of the evil done is disguised as care.

It’s the tyranny of ‘doctor knows best’ and it’s all the more evil because the evil is done by the most respected profession. I think that’s why the politicians who voted against the legalisation of assisted suicide for terminally ill people voted without a conscience. They respect doctors to know what’s best.


It’s up to you if you want to be cruel to me. That’s your freedom. That’s your right. That’s clearly your choice. But I am free to choose my death if you are free to be cruel to me. That’s my freedom. That’s my right. It’s clearly my choice. 

I look forward to my death and I have done for a long time. Because the human race is free to be cruel to me suicide is good. 

“It’s my choice” said the slave. “So fucking what?” said the slavery. This is the conversation about assisted suicide. The modern slavery denies the validity and importance of free will and forces the victims to endure unbearable suffering by forcing them to live against their will.

Liberty and death: the protection from cruelty 

A key principle of a good suicide system is the recognition of the bare cruelty of forcing anyone to endure unbearable suffering. This is a keystone of my views about the legalisation of assisted suicide and the right to die.

There are people who don’t see things as black and white as I do but the creation of more human rights is all about the line between the light and the dark.

For example there’s an existing right of freedom from torture. This applies to war criminals who have killed thousands of people in genocide and prisoners of war who would otherwise be tortured for essential information. Of course this protection is breached but the protection is a line drawn against the unconquerable evil which is inherent to the human race. The protection is created the part of the human race who stand for the light and not the convenient evil. 

Thus I know that there will eventually be a right for individuals to choose their death whenever it is possible. This is the recognition of the inalienable freedoms of life apply to personal choices about suicide. It’s also a natural progression from the convenient cruelty which is rife in the modern medicalised suicide system and away from the evil tyranny which is ruled by doctors. 

I believe that the right to die should exist now but there is too much cruelty. Politicians are especially cruel and have voted to keep the mercy of assisted suicide illegal. They like so many people prefer a convenient lie to the truth.

The most awful form of slavery is when the slave is forced to endure unbearable suffering so their masters get what they want. This is the slavery created by the current suicide system and the zero suicides objectives of evil people who wield power over suicidal individuals. 

Suicidal individuals need mercy, not more cruelty. But the modern medicalised suicide system is all about more cruelty, not mercy, which is why assisted suicide remains criminalised. 

One definite form of cruelty is the cruelty which forces people to endure unbearable suffering against their will. This applies to terminally ill people and other disabled people. 

It is cruel to force anyone to endure unbearable suffering. This protection already exists in the law as the human right to freedom from torture. It’s usually applied to prisoners of war though not the intended cruelty of forcing suicidal individuals to live.

 I’m not a lawyer so I don’t understand why the right to freedom from torture isn’t used to force the legalisation of assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is an act of mercy and it’s an essential protection against suffering unbearable suffering. 

Those who fight against the legalisation of assisted suicide and the right to a good death have a fundamental flaw. They think that it’s not a personal choice to endure unbearable suffering. They think it’s their choice. It’s not.

​If you block the legalisation of assisted suicide then you’re okay with forcing people to endure unbearable suffering. This is cruel. It’s my choice to suffer or to die. When people choose suffering for other people there’s a crime being done. If I made the members of the anti suicide movement suffer so much that they’re desperate to die to end the suffering I inflict then surely I’m an evil criminal? Just like they are… 

Enduring unbearable suffering is too terrible which is why assisted suicide must be legalised. Forcing people to suffer unbearable suffering is not acceptable. It’s cruel. It also denies individuals their right to choose. 

If the assisted suicide movement don’t care about personal liberty to choose to suffer or not then I’d gladly teach them why it’s important that no one is forced to endure unbearable suffering.

 I would torture them to teach them that when someone – me – forces them to endure unbearable suffering then this is cruel and evil and wholly unconscionable. 

Pain  is a great teacher. To know what it’s like to beg for death and get no mercy is a hell I would wish on every person who stands against my death. I hope the readers of this blog wish for the same education for the anti suicide movement. 

It’s the hardest rights which are the most important. Except for those who’ve had the fight for their rights already won. It’s a shame those who have the hard rights which were achieved in previous generations don’t fight for the hard right now. The hard right now is the one which lets me die a good death today.