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A revision to my comments yesterday to the Prime Minister’s office 

I made a response to the government’s cruelty yesterday but it was done while I was suffering. I wrote to them again yesterday to say they don’t need to reply to the comments made yesterday. 
Here’s what I said today.

I was in an emotional state at the time because of your response to my previous comments.
You must know that I want to die. It is the only way to cease my unbearable suffering but I have failed to protect myself by killing myself. 
To go through what I go through is a cruel and unusual punishment. My life experiences have caused me to hate the human race. 
This prejudice clouds my thoughts and it’s why I think you’re cruel. You, the Prime Minister and the government. Assisted suicide should be legal already but you’re too cruel to have any mercy.
It’s mercy which is required to help me die a good death so I can end my wretched existence. But there is none and I perceive this dearth of mercy as an act of cruelty. 
I have suffered unbearable suffering for a very long time.  No one wants to end my suffering but I do. This is one of the sources of my hatred of the human race. 
I will respond to your response later. You just need to know where I’m coming from. 


This is my response to the Prime Minister’s office response which I published in my previous post.

​You want me to suffer unbearable suffering? 
This is a reply to a response from this department. Your response confirms to me that suicide is good. 
You think that unbearable suffering is OK. The politicians in England think that unbearable suffering is OK. The Prime Minister thinks unbearable suffering is OK. 
You are clearly cruel because I suffer unbearable suffering but you think it’s OK.
Can you imagine how utterly awful it is to read your response? 
Assisted suicide is an act of mercy. It is an act of genuine care. It is an act of compassion. This is why it must be legalised. You’re all too cruel to understand this and why I so desperately want to die. 
You so easily resign yourselves to accepting my unbearable suffering and therefore you are cruel. The cost of my suffering doesn’t matter to you so long as I live. Yet the price of enduring so much suffering is a terrible cost for me. You don’t care about this. 
The people of this nation have given me an extensive education in personal suffering and their limitless cruelty. You do not have a conscience worth speaking of because of your mercilessness. Your response demonstrates that you all have zero mercy for me. 

The price of cruelty is…nothing. 

The anti suicide remains cruel and victorious. They don’t pay any price for the terrible suffering they inflict on their victims who need the mercy which assisted suicide provides. 

There’s no punishment for their crime of forcing unbearable suffering on suicidal individuals by denying them a good death. Surely forcing anyone to endure unbearable suffering is a crime? 

Obviously the police don’t care. Neither do judges nor politicians. But we, the suicidal, care a great deal.

I hate being alive. How long must I suffer without mercy?

This is another thing I’ve sent to the Prime Minister’s office. England’s politicians have failed to legalise assisted suicide so I’m still alive. Lucky me…

There’s no point appealing to a human’s sense of humanity, compassion or mercy when it comes to the legalisation of assisted suicide. My work is futile. 

Here’s what I sent. It has to be less than a thousand characters so it’s not very good.

I’ve been suicidal for a very long time. I’ve tried treatment and I’ve tried to kill myself but these have failed. I’ve even tried the Samaritans. They failed too.

I hate being alive today. I will hate being alive tomorrow. I have hated being alive for over a decade. How long must I suffer this torment before you give me mercy?

I never wanted to live a long and terrible existence but this isn’t my choice. I believe you need to recognise that forcing me to live to suffer by preventing me from getting an assisted suicide is inhumane. This forces me to suffer unbearable suffering, suffering which is so extreme that I’d readily trade the rest of my existence to end it now.

This isn’t some whim. This is how I’ve felt for a very long time. It’s too long for me and if you went through it it’d be too much for you. You would be as desperate to die as I am. You would desperately need the mercy I’m asking you for if my life was yours.

Legalise assisted suicide. 

Another message to the Prime Minister: Suicide is what people do to escape from unbearable suffering 

This is another attempt to fight the pervasive cruelty and wrongness in suicide policy, strategy and vision in England. 

There’s a thousand character limit to messages sent online to the Prime Minister’s office. This is hard for me to write concisely and remain accurate and persuasive with so few words. This message is very short.

Here it is:

Misery is not an illness and suicidal feelings aren’t caused by a brain defect. Misery is a form of suffering which causes suicidal feelings when it becomes unbearable. 
Please try and understand this. Suicide is the natural response from a competent mind who doesn’t want to endure unbearable suffering. 
Everyone has a limit to the pain they can endure and beyond this deeply personal threshold is when someone becomes suicidal. Their pain is extreme personal suffering and they’d do anything to escape it.
It’s possible for the pain and suicidal feelings to be temporary and quickly resolved but if it endures for a long time then you must have mercy.

Do you want me to suffer? clearly yes. do I want to suffer? clearly no. That’s why suicide is good for me and bad for those who want me to suffer. there are people who clearly want me to suffer and I’m powerless to stop them. I need to die because of them and so many other reasons. 

How much does it cost to force me to suffer unbearable suffering? Nothing. That’s why cruel politicians can do it.

I wish the cost was pain for those who don’t want me to die a good death. To know my pain. It’s a terrible cost.

Their decision to outlaw assisted suicide means many people will beg for death but be shown no mercy. This is the consequence of the cruel consciences of England’s politicians.

So much cruelty. it’s another reason to die. kill me. please kill me. I beg you.