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“I hope you all die horribly” – this is the truth which the anti suicide movement should say to suicidal individuals. Those who fight against assisted suicide are condemning suicidal individuals to the worst quality deaths and they should be truthful about what they want for suicidal individuals.

We all die in the end. Some die by choice and some don’t but all want the best quality death they can get. The anti suicide movement would rather people die horrible deaths so they fight against the legalisation of assisted suicide.

I hate them. I hate those who would ruin my death because they don’t care that my death is my choice.


There’s nothing good about forcing me to live to suffer. You should have killed me but there’s nothing good in you.

The “you should have killed me” phrase is one I often find myself thinking. I also often think that forcing a suicidal individual to live against their will is a travesty which worsens the real tragedy in suicide: the unstoppable and unbearable personal suffering.

Of course I’m part of the problem because I’ve failed to do the right thing for me. I’ve failed to kill myself. It’s the only way I’ll be safe from harm and yet I’ve failed to kill myself.

This failure to commit suicide has resulted in so much suffering. Much more and much worse than anyone should be forced to endure.

I’m not good enough to kill myself but there are monsters who are evil and would force me to live to suffer. They are devoid of mercy and filled with a passion to create hell on Earth for me. The monsters have given me so many reasons to die but their evil is their passion so they keep on making me want to die and I now have even more reasons to die. As if one reason wasn’t enough already.

You should have killed me. I should have killed myself. God should have answered my prayers.

What value is there to a life I do not want and would die to escape from?

There’s no value for me…but it’s not about me… It’s whatever the tyrants want from me that’s of value. The tyrants are the anti suicide movement which plagues the lives of suicidal individuals and does nothing to help suicidal individuals.

Assisted suicide is a merciful act but the anti suicide movement are as heartless as they are successful at blocking the legalisation of this essential act of mercy.

Life shouldn’t be this bad

My consciousness can’t survive it. It’s too terrible.

I am not meant for this world and this shitty existence. I should have never been born because my fate is a fate worse than death.

I’ve wanted to die for a long time but I’ve failed to kill myself. If I had died already then my life would be better than it is now. My suicide is the only solution which will end all the harms.

Living is a fate worse than death. It’s a shitty life created by shitty people who are far too busy giving me more reasons to die than ending the suffering they’ve caused me for such a long time. They don’t have any sense of mercy.

The mercy I desperately need is embodied by assisted suicide… But the monsters can’t help me die because their goal is only possible if they’re utterly merciless.

When did killing me become the right thing to do? When you found yourselves unable to stop torturing me.

You keep on making me want to die and you can’t stop torturing me.

The humane option for me is assisted suicide but no one cares about what’s humane otherwise I’d have died so long ago and there to been spared the hells you couldn’t stop inventing for me.

You can’t stop making me suffer. You’re so limited by your innate evil. That’s why the right thing to do is to kill me. Suicide saves me from you.