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When an individual wants to die then by definition they’ve been through too much pain already. Yet the modern suicide system has no qualms about lengthening and worsening their suffering. How awful it is for suicidal individuals.


Economics and assisted suicide

Sometimes the right thing to do is good for the economy. Assisted suicide alleviates society of the costs associated with keeping suicidal individuals alive and in suffering.

Throughout this entire blog I’ve never considered the economic value of assisted suicide because I don’t think economic considerations are part of the solution.

Yet in these times of pervasive cruelty and injustice the economic argument is important. There’s a price for forcing suicidal individuals to live. Providing assisted suicide is far cheaper than forcing someone to stay alive against their will.

Assisted suicide should be legalised out of a sense of empathy and mercy but these are wholly absent. However perhaps the economic argument might achieve what appealing to humanity’s sense of good simply can’t?

In a world full of evil beings suicidal feelings are unimportant. The only important objective of suicide prevention is to keep suicidal individuals from killing themselves by any means whatsoever.

In a world full of evil beings lots of people face suicidal feelings but this is never addressed. Instead suicidal individuals are forced to stay alive and they can be imprisoned to achieve this objective.

This is the hallmark of cruelty and it’s the evidence of the evil which pervades the human race.

You’re too good. That’s why you can’t help me die. LOL.

The statement in the title is so bizarre it’s funny. It’s so saddening though because some people believe this. It’s the belief that assisting in a suicide is a bad thing. It’s a merciful thing not a bad thing.

The ethical thing is to prevent me from wanting to die, not preventing my suicide. But you heartless fiends will never understand this.

If I can make an analogy between being suicidal and burning alive there’s an interesting thought about how doctors deal with suicide and fireman deal with fire

Imagine you’re burning alive. I’m sure you’d feel suicidal. It is intense and extreme personal suffering which causes suicidal feelings but being on fire is a pain which, I believe, everyone understands is extreme suffering.

The first thing a fireman does is put out the fire. Straight away they attack the source of the suffering. Doctors don’t act like that. They don’t deal with the source of suicide. In this explanatory analogy all they do is try to wrap the individual in fire retardant clothing. Doctors ‘treat’ the individual rather than deal with the cause which is why providing fire retardant clothing is analogous to treatment for suicidal ideation.

Firemen fight the cause but doctors don’t care about this when it comes to helping the suicidal. They use drugs and words to treat the individual but this is like firemen handing out clothing to stop the fire from hurting the individual and keep them from being harmed by a future fire.

The thing is that there are fires which are more powerful than the capacity of fire retardent clothing to protect. It’s also a stupid way to deal with a fire. The effort should be directed at the cause.

There’s also an analogous element in the way firemen never add fuel to the fire but doctors don’t care about worsening the suffering of a suicidal individual. They use force on suicidal individuals and this includes imprisoning suicidal individuals. Imprisonment is the worst punishment but doctors don’t hesitate to use imprisonment on suicidal individuals. In this analogy it’s like firemen who not only don’t put out the source of the fire but also add fuel to the fire so it burns brighter.

If you were on fire you’d definitely not want the medical response. If you want to die then, I believe, you don’t want the medical response either. You would want the cause of your suffering to be addressed and you’d definitely not want the pain made worse.